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A few comments from our happy travellers

Hi Gaye


Thanks so much, everything went smoothly and according to plan.  Thanks for all the organising that you did for us , we were really happy with everything and would recommend all the hotels and transfers we used.

The Grand Canyon trip was AMAZING and we enjoyed the theme parks ( everyone had a different favourite ). It was a good time of the year to especially during the week as the parks were fairly quiet ( although we did queue 2 hours at the cars ride in Disney but that was an exception!)

Cheers Shelley

Hi Gaye,

Had a great trip, well organised, looked after us very well. Accommodation and food venue was up to scratch as well All the others in the group were easy to get along with.

My brother and I were gob smacked at the size of the Air Show and we continued to talk about it on our way home.

Once again, a great tour over all.      Ray 

Hi Gaye, 

Thanks for your email. Loved Oshkosh and the extended tour. 

I was very busy at Oshkosh – waking up early and back late almost every day and struggled to get in everything that I would have liked to. I think that if Air Venture had have lasted a month I still would have struggled to get in all the forums and workshops that I would have liked to have attended. It has everything that an enthusiastic aviator would like to see, and fully understand its magnetic attraction

The Sorrento at Seattle was a beautiful boutique hotel having said that I enjoyed everything that the extended tour to Seattle and Vancouver had to offer.

Thanks very much for your efforts on our behalf. Kind regards.      John