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2020 tour

This year we are flying over to USA in Air New Zealand's dreamliner787 on the 17th of July 2020.

Friday 17th July 2020

8.30 pm We depart on Air New Zealand's Dreamliner 787 bound for Chicago.  This is a great flight and we do out customs and immigration on messy connections just straight through.

We can add on any optional connections from your locations throughout New Zealand and you can check your baggage all the way through to Chicago.

6.35 am Local time is the arrival of our flight and we go directly to the Hilton Hotel situated right withing the Chicago O'Hare Airport.  Once here we can settle and find a meal at the Hotel and enjoy a whole night sleep on a comfortable bed.

Saturday 18th July 2020

This morning we will set off by coach and stop on the way at Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  A real American experience with an amazing choice of food.  There is also and amazing shop to poke around in as well.

Travelling on to Milwaukee we will stop to visit the Harley Davidson Museum and then make our way on to Oshkosh.  After settling into our air conditioned hall which will be out accommodation for the next 8 nights, we will have a bus ride to show us a little of the Oshkosh Area and stop at the Walmart to purchase supplies for the week and anything which you may have left behind.

Sunday 19th July 2020

This morning we will set off for a day's coach tour.  We are looking to sightsee today travelling up to Greenbay to the National Railroad Museum.  We can relive years of American railroad history and maybe take and educational train ride.

Boarding our coach again we will travel on to Clintonville, where a museum showcases a workshop of Zachow and Besserdich, the inventors of the first working and successful four wheel drive cars and trucks.  Learn how the ball and socket steering joint on the front and rear axles created the four wheel drives traction.  Next to the "Machine Shop" is the Clintonville Historical Society's 'History House' (a former town/city hall building, later moved and converted into a boarding house by one of the early families in the city) and the 'Cord House' (a building using stacked firewood for it's walls) along with a log cabin that gives a glimpse into the early life and times of the residents of the city.

Then back to our base at Oshkosh with a chance of getting together to meet the group this evening.

The University has an all you can eat for USD $15.00 for the night meals and USD $9.00 for the breakfasts which is always a good deal.

Monday 20th July 2020

Excitement today as the EAA AIRVENTURE 2020 begins.  You will have a bus pass for the week and we will meet to go out to the show.  If you have pre-urchased your entrance tickets you will collect your wristbands at the entrance or if you wish to purchase them at the gate we will go to the main gate for this.  Once you get your map and your bearings everyone will set off to follow their own interest.  The buses will be there to return to the University in the afternoon, when you are ready for this.

The flyover airshow is each afternoon at approx 2.30 pm until 6 pm.  So find a spot where you would like to watch from and enjoy your time.  The commentary can be heard from along the front of the flight line.  The John Deer tractors have tolleys you can ride to the warbird area, to the microlight and ultra light airstrip..... so take a ride to see where you want to look.  Buses also go to the museum and the float planes on the edge of Lake Winnebago.  The forums start straight away so watch out for which ones of these you wish to attend.  Many talks and presentations are on during the week also.  

Thousands of private aircraft which are flown in make it a great convention too.  During the week you may attend some of the many interesting workshops and forums which run continuously as part of the air show.  A short bus ride takes you out to Winebago Lake edge to see the amphibian area of the show.  A flight in the Ford Tri-motor gives a wonderful view of the whole area.  Helicopter rides are available too and also a flight in the B-17 bomber.  For a change on wet or very hot days you may want to check out the Museum which is really amazing free entry for this is included with you AIrVenture entrance fees.  Of course there are also many talks from aviators of the past and present. at the Theatre in the Woods ad also at the Museum to check out.

The airshow takes place every afternoon and there are two really amazing night airshows which can be seen on Wednesday and Saturday.  Because of the size of the show be prepared to walk a good distance but you can enjoy the rides on the John Deer drawn trollies which take you to various areas of the show.

In for a bit of shopping they have the fly market which is part of the show you can find tools, old nuts and bolts or aircraft manuals plus lots of aviation memorabilia.  There are four huge hangars housing the many aviation companies selling products and accessories anything you could want to purchase.  Many of the aircraft companies also have their planes on display around the grounds, and the EAA have their own shops too so you can buy t-shirts and caps to mark the occassion of your visit.

Wednesday the night show is on.......  you can return to base and go out again with your bus pass, or stay out at the Air Venture.


Today we will walk up to the little Oshkosh Public Museum (although you may go any day you like).  It tells the story of the city's history, the ecosystems of Lake Winnebago's wetlands and water, the region's logging and lumber industry that shaped Oshkosh with Native American folk heritage, folk art, and on the hour the magnificent apostles clock will chime!

Across the road is the Paine Art Centre and gardens.  Come for the gorgeous architecture, for the gardens at their peak.  The Paine is also a museum and has a different exhibition each year.

Along the road also there is a church which has an exhibit of many  (huge collection) nativity scenes collected from all around the world, really amazing to see what they are all made of.

We will go out for dinner together - optional of course.


This is the international day at 12 noon we all meet together at the international tent ( a great place to call in anytime during the week for a seat and refill of your water bottle) and march with out New Zealand flag..... a proud time for us!  You will collect an invite to the free International dinner held later in the evening.


The next night show is on tonight.


Time to set off for Chicago.  We are planning to have a drive around the central city before making our way to the airport to fly on home or to continue o for further adventures......

For those who are staying on 

After and amazing week at Oshkosh 2020 

We are off to Tuscon Arizona.

Monday 27th July we visit the PIMA Air Museum which has over 300 aircraft, the AMARG (boneyard of the desert).

Tuesday we visit the ASARCO Mineral Copper Mine Discovery Centre, the now historical Titan 11 Missile site, plus a visit to Bisbee and Tombstone township.

Wednesday visiting the Titan 11 Missile base and a huge open coppermine.

Thursday coaching through Arizona and Southern Forests of California to San Diego for 3 nights here.

Friday off to see the MSS Midway Museum with over 30 restored aircraft and helicopters and also the Aviation and Space Museum.

Saturday 1st August is free to visit the Model Railway Museum, Automotive museum or the Zoo.

Sunday 2nd August. Heading back to Los Angeles to visit CHINO with Planes of Fame and the YANKS Museum.  We then fly off home from here - or you can carry on we are happy to organise any further travel for you, contact us and we can help you with any further arrangements.